1. My reaction when I got an email asking if I was available to attend a meeting at the end of the day, when I was desperate to go home.

  2. Reflecting on my diet as I near the end of my internship and my bank balance.

  3. Free day on Wednesday, you say?

  4. My Monday already feels like this, and it’s not even noon yet :/

  5. How I reacted when a supervisor told me the huge task she wanted me to finish by the end of the month should ideally be finished by next Friday.

  6. When I’m wearing my headphones in the office and my colleagues are working.

  7. Whenever a certain colleague starts telling me about her latest meeting with her demanding, monster of a supervisor.

  8. How I felt when I saw my supervisor had acknowledged my research in a department memo…

  9. …and what it felt like when my Head of Section sent me an email thanking me for hard work.

  10. When a friend asks what I’m doing after my internship and I realise I have nothing except unemployment to look forward to.